Jacaranda was established in 2014 as a forum to showcase the work and writing of humanities undergraduates. Since its humble beginnings, Jacaranda has flourished into UQ’s premier undergraduate journal. Printed annually, Jacaranda is a unique opportunity to get your work published and to gain some valuable recognition. In 2016, we received over 150 submissions from essays written in subjects at UQ, to poetry, to photography, to music composition. Despite that, the most common question we are asked is: “Is my work good enough?” The short answer to that question is yes! We encourage everyone to submit their work because we assure you it is good enough! But below are some submission guidelines to help you tailor your work to the journal and give you the best chance of being selected for print.

Submission Guidelines


On top of interesting essays, articles, and opinion pieces, we publish short stories, poetry, photography, art pieces, musical notation, political commentary, reviews and more avant-garde submissions.

Jacaranda is a Humanities Journal. Therefore, any submissions should engage with ideas, people, events and topics under that broad umbrella, and do so in such a way that can excite, delight, and pique the interest of fellow humanities students and the broader public. We will avoid works of an overly scientific, jargon heavy or specialised nature. We will not publish personal attacks or defamatory or libellous material.

Can I submit university assignments? Yes. You can submit any assignments or essays you have previously submitted for assessment. We cannot accept anything that is currently being assessed.

Can I submit work previously published elsewhere? No. To avoid contravening other publications’ copyrights and to ensure we showcase original work, we cannot allow republication.   


  • Style and Referencing Guide is Chicago, which can be found via the library:  ( We know that not every discipline or subject at UQ uses Chicago, but we aim for consistency so please adapt your work to this style and referencing structure. All material must be clearly referenced.

  • Please upload your material in a .docx format for all written submissions. For art or photographic submissions .jpeg is preferred.

  • The maximum page length is seven pages (not including a bibliography).

Selection and Prizes

Selection Process + Prizes

The editorial team will select work for inclusion in the journal based on the following criteria:

  • Engaging, innovative, and astute content;

  • Quality of writing style in respect to the chosen genre;

  • A professional standard of spelling, grammar and style;

  • Respect for and accurate following of submission requirements, and

  • Its contribution to, and position within, the journal as a whole.  

If your work is chosen for publication (either in the print Jacaranda or the blog) the editorial team can make edits to your work; however, substantial edits can only be made in consultation with you (please refer to the submission agreement on the submission form).

We also award prizes for the best creative and critical works. These prizes are awarded in consultation with a team of academics.

Any further questions can be addressed to